Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The only whale we found whilst whale watching earlier this year at Victor Harbor!!
We hunted high and low for them but they always turned up the next day!!

The smallest penguins in the world come ashore every night at Granite Island, Victor Harbor.
There are tours at night that allow you onto the island to be part of the penguins return from the sea.
We've not made that exprience yet but hope to soon.
These penguins in the photo were part of a group in the rescue centre on Granite Island but they were a bit camera shy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The great rental search!

Well we rushed out in the morning to get the local paper - all the jobs and rentals were to be in. Reading through the adverts for rentals we soon came to the conclusion that we had absolutely no idea where anywhere was and that most inspections were only available for about 15 mins at a time plus most said no pets - this was going to be a problem as our dog was currently in quarantine and would be joining us in just under a month!

Getting the map out we planned our route through suburbs that we had heard of and opening times that would mean we see as many properties as possible.

We were not prepared for the condition of the houses and gardens - if the house was clean the garden was a jungle with huge holes in the fence or the garden would be lovely but you couldn't fit a single bed into the bedroom - these were best case scenarios - there were a lot that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.

However after seeing one bad one after another we settled on one that was close to the CBD - it had a reasonably sized garden and the rooms were a good size - needed cleaning but the current tenents were to have the place cleaned and presentable before we moved in. The dog was not going to be a problem.

We felt settled and started the hunt for furniture to see us through until our own furniture arrived.

Moving in day arrived! Horror of horrors when we went to get the keys the previous tenants were still there with quite a few of their belongings strewn throughout the house. We were informed that they had washed the carpets but they were still filthy - don't know which carpets they had cleaned - perhaps it had been at their parents house!!! The sun room windows nolonger had furniture in front of them and they also had no putty holding the glass in!! With a 2.5yr old in tow this was just too much to bear and told the owner we would not be taking up occupancy.

Our panic had begun!

However our panic was soon over thanks to forum we were part of - we were offered an unfurnished house in one of the more southern suburbs - about an hour from Adelaide.

We took about a month to secure the rental we are currently in and when our own furniture arrived we felt much more settled.

Life became for living not for hunting for rentals, cars and furniture!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Next stop Adelaide

Well after an 8 hour drive with a three old we finally arrived in Port Noarlunga South - about 30mins south of Adelaide's CBD.
Glad to have made it all in one piece - the weather had been pretty wild for the past couple of days and the TV news was full of destruction as it had been the worst storm to hit for about 25 years - just our luck! The weather had started to calm down and we were not under a tin roof - not recommended in a rain storm!!
We stopped here for the night before continuing into Adelaide the following day to the motel accommodation that my husbands work had organised for us for a fortnight. Little did we know that this would actually be the start of us living like nomads!!........

Friday, October 10, 2008

Our arrival in the land down under

When we arrived in Melbourne, Australia in April it was admist a huge storm and we wondered what we had let ourselves in for. Driving away from Melbourne's airport all we could see were clouds of red dust and the further out we got there were trees strewn across the main roads and all sorts of devastation and destruction from the strong winds.

Heading for Adelaide we decided to drive the Great Ocean Road - the scenery both on land and off is fascinating or least we think it is! - couldn't see too far because of the dust storms and the mucky rain!!! Normally rain will clear your windscreen, not that day it was mucky!!
We saw our first and so far only wild Koala on the drive just before we reached Mt Gambier, there were also emus feeding at the edge of a forest but of course the camera was in the boot at that point - typical!