Monday, December 15, 2008

Motorbike mayhem or not!!

An annual event. - 15000 motorbikes leave from the seaside suburb of Glenelg lead by santa and travel into the Adelaide Hills town of Handorf.

It is a charity event which sees the bikers hand a toy in at the Handorf oval to St Vincent de Paul charity lorries where they are collected and redistributed along with food (at a later date). The toys are strapped to the bikes by any means and the presents range from the small to the extremley large for a motorbike!!

Whilst travelling through Adelaide the bikers pass out (throw!!) sweets etc to the many children that line the roads some who have gone prepared with their camp chairs and large bags for collecting their wares!

Whilst in Handorf we had never seen so many bikes parked at one time - there is everything from the modern day to the first days of motorbikes and then some! - every biker is supported - moto cross, day riders, trike, hells angels etc etc........ No trouble was to be found and none has been reported - a great day out!

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Pyatshaw said...

What the h*** is that thing strapped to that pillion passenger?