Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day 2009

Happy New Year!!!

We were to have a BBQ on the beach New Year's Day.

A time for meeting had been arranged and a BBQ fit for beach use had been purchased. All necessary goodies were packed in ice and cool bags etc, the required permit for driving on the beach had also been obtained, we were all set.........

Our son was all excited about going to the beach and would wear nothing bar his swim top and trunks and he yattered away in the car telling us what he was going to do -we had about a 30min drive to get to the beach- all went quiet after 10 mins and I turned round - he was out for the count!!!

We arrived and met our friends on the beach and also a force 10 gale!! However we were determined that the BBQ was going ahead. As the BBQ was new a pair of pliers were required to attach the gas bottle - no probs there, next light the we were all non smokers nobody had any matches! Shops open? Not likely, this was a public holiday - again thank goodness for petrol stations.

Whilst we were waiting for them to come back with the matches we had used our car as a wind break - but the wind seemed to disregard this attempt and blew a gale around us - it was freezing!! - well about 19 degrees (felt cold though!!)

Eventually they returned with the matches but by that time we were frozen and all had our jumpers on - it was decided that we would just go back to their house and we would have the BBQ there The little one had slept through all of this!! and thankfully was still asleep.

The BBQ was set up and we all enjoyed a good meal and the wind had dropped or least wasn't hitting us because of the fences. The wee one had woken up and was not impressed that he was not at the beach but soon forgot as everyone was playing with him.

Several hours later about 6.30pm we decided to leave - from having been absolutely frozen on the beach because of the wind we were now well and truly burnt because of the breeze and the sun!

But as we got into the car a little voice could be heard saying "I want to go to the beach" over and over and over.

The wind was again blowing like mad but the sun was still shining so we decided to keep him quiet and take him back down to the beach. He got out of the car shot off down to the water straight in up to about his knees turned round about and went running back to the car saying "Let's just sit in car and watch!". We were doubled up laughing!!

A couple of pictures of Aldinga Beach's beach.......................


Pyatshaw said...

I feel quite sorry for everyone in Oz that there is the possibility of being sunburned at Xmas!!!!

jeek said...

19 degrees!! you wouldn't get me going out in weather that cold!!